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UT Works is a new work-management system that will launch in November 2024. It will replace both Facility and Asset Management Information System (FAMIS) and Work Order Request and Query System (WORQS), the current work-management systems staff and clients use across the University.

UT Works will enable the University to better manage its physical spaces, improve the delivery of mission-critical services, provide better and more useful data to drive capital projects, and streamline workflows across multiple units.

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UT Works Program Newsletter - July 2024

July 10, 2024
In this issue: Testing Update: User Stories Help Improve Testing Outcomes / Engagement Sets Stage for ReADY Success / Aligning Security Roles with Training / Looking Ahead

Aligning Security Roles with Training

June 25, 2024
Mapping and assigning security roles play an important part in the planning process for UT Works as we move towards training future users in the Fall.

Testing Update: User Stories Help Improve Testing Outcomes

June 25, 2024
A key contributor to End-to-End (E2E) testing success is the collection of user stories created with input from business units involved in UT Works testing. User Stories, which are comprehensive real-world scenarios, allow testers to use the system the same way their co-workers will use UT Works after go-live. Being able to evaluate how UT Works will perform in “on-the-job” situations is key to the successful adoption of the system. Using real-world scenarios means that some user stories are very specific and recognizable.

Engagement Sets Stage for ReADY Success

June 25, 2024
Because the ReADY request forms system represents the piece of UT Works that the widest-ranging segment of the UT Community will interact with, the UT Works Program chose to engage with campus early and often.

Demo Sessions Introduce Teams to UT Works

May 28, 2024
To date, over 400 members of staff across units involved in the UT Works Program have had the opportunity to take part in UT Works demo sessions since they began back in February. These sessions have ranged from small in-person meetings with individual shops to a virtual town hall held for all Utilities & Energy Management (UEM) staff. With more demo sessions being scheduled, the number of folks getting their first look at UT Works will continue going up this summer.
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